Several years ago the "Cookie Law" became active. This has resulted in many thousands of websites being forced to notify you they're using cookies. This is done with all kinds of popups and bars.
Very annoying!

CookiesOK is a browser extension that tries to fix this by automatically clicking away such cookie warnings.

If you use CookiesOK, this basically means you agree that the websites you visit may use cookies.

How does CookiesOK work?

There are almost as many different cookie warnings as there are websites. Unfortunately that also means that there isn't a single universal way to get rid of them. CookiesOK tries to fight these warnings using several approaches.

CookiesOK contains a huge database with instructions on how to accept or hide cookie warnings on specific websites. CookiesOK downloads the most recent version of the database once every 24 hours. Users who despite having CookiesOK still come across a cookie warning may report it via the built-in report feature. Based on these reports the database will be adjusted as soon as possible. Together we can free the internet of the cookie warning plague.

Website developers may build in CookiesOK support in their websites. By adding a very little bit of code CookiesOK will support their website without the need of a database update, thus bothering less visitors. More on this.

The CookiesOK database, by now containing thousands of websites, is still growing with dozens of websites every day. Together with the countless users who keep reporting every cookie warning they come across we can beat the cookie law!


CookiesOK is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Maintaining CookiesOK takes a lot of time and effort. If you like CookiesOK, please consider making a donation. By donating, any amount you see fit, you support us in our mission to cleanse the web of cookie warnings.

CookiesOK for website developers

No website owners wants to annoy his visitors. Users of CookiesOK agree that you using cookies is okay. Therefor there is absolutely no need to bother them with a cookie warning. With only a few lines of code you can build in CookiesOK support into your website / script


CookiesOK adds a new variable to JavaScript, navigator.CookiesOK. If this variable is defined you may assume consent.

if( ! navigator.CookiesOK ) {
	//Show cookie warning

Alternatively, CookiesOK will attempt to trigger a "CookiesOK" function.:

function CookiesOK(){
	//Close cookie warning


The CookiesOK source code is now also available on Github.
If you'd like to see the code for yourself, perhaps help improve it further, please visit:

CookiesOK CSS Class

By adding the "CookiesOK" class to your OK or close button, CookiesOK will know where to click and do so without the need of a database entry.

<button class="CookiesOK">Cookies accepteren</button>

X-CookiesOK HTTP header

With every HTTP request, CookiesOK adds a special header, X-CookiesOK. By checking for this header you may detect cookie consent on the serverside. In PHP you could for example do something like:

if( ! isset( $_SERVER["HTTP-X-COOKIESOK"] ) ){
	//Cookie warning script