Because the web was better before the cookielaw!


On 26th May 2011 the cookie law came into force. Now thousands of website ask you for your permission to place cookies. CookiesOK is a browserplugin which aims to undo the damage by automatically accepting as many as possible.


A cookie is a small text file that is stored by a browser on the user's machine. Cookies are plain text; they contain no executable code. A web page or server instructs a browser to store this information and then send it back with each subsequent request based on a set of rules. Web servers can then use this information to identify individual users. Most sites requiring a login will typically set a cookie once your credentials have been verified, and you are then free to navigate to all parts of the site so long as that cookie is present and validated. Once again, the cookie just contains data and isn't harmful in and of itself. Cookies are widely used over the internet. Many of these sites are now forced to ask you for your permission to place cookies which is often done through annoying popups and notification bars. We don't care whether cookies are used and we do not want to keep giving permission to all sites we visit.


how does it work?

Each time you load a page the plugin gets into action. At first it will attempt to detect several much used cookie permission scripts, if any is found it is handled, otherwise it searches for a button with the css class "CookiesOK" and click it if found. If we have not yet succeeded we check the page for the existance of a function by the name of "CookiesOK" and execute it. CookiesOK has a local database with domain specific instructions which will be updated periodically, increasing the numbers of covered websites. For those who always want the most recent database an Options page has been included where you may enable our fallback service. If no solution has been found a request to our own database will be sent so that you will always have the most recent changes. I will keep expanding the database for each cookie permission notice i find on the internet. If you find any of the notices left intact after installing the plugin please send me the website address at [email protected] so that I may add the site.

Install plugin for Google Chrome

Install from Google Webstore

How about firefox?

Install from Mozilla Addons
The Firefox version of CookiesOK has to be reviewed and approved by Mozilla before it becomes public. This effectively means that updates on Firefox are delayed for a few days (or weeks) compared to other platforms.

And Opera?

Install from Opera Addons

How about other webbrowsers?

After the FireFox plugin has been completed I'll look into other browsers!

So uh... how about security?

I've gone through the trouble of writing some text about the security. I'm sure many questions will remain unanswered, e-mail your remaining questions to [email protected] and I'll do my best to answer you asap.

Making my website compatible


While I'll gladly keep updating the database to support more and more sites there will always be some that are not recognized by the plugin. You could wait for me to solve it, but you could also fix it instantly by yourself. In the end we both want the same thing. Giving your visitors a good web expierience.

CookiesOK CSS class name

CookiesOK searches for the accept buttons and triggers the click event. If we do not by default find your accept button then you may help us by adding the css class 'CookiesOK' to the button.

CookiesOK javascript method

Alternatively you can declare a javascript function 'CookiesOK' and add your own code to close it. CookiesOK will, assuming the function exists, automatically execute it when it runs.


If you are having trouble making your site compatible you may contact me at [email protected]  I'd be happy to help.

CookiesOK is entirely free of charge, so there is no obligation for you to pay, However through a small donation (any amount you can miss) you can support the development of CookiesOK, making it work for more websites, making the web a better place!